Thursday, April 28, 2016


Managing a Personal Crisis

-Your Government has a stake in
Dorine’s accepting you back.

Maintained “Drack” Carruthers–-
as his official badge announced.

-Cut it out! I don’t believe it!
Too penny-ante!

-You’d think, but both political parties
see our Nation’s future as comprised
of vibrant families.

-So what?

-What is you and she marry, produce

-Uh huh? Well, let me tell you
something! How about my
taking HER back? Why am
I always the meeching victim?

-Well, you mostly are. It’s been
your history.

-Is it...just the Government?

-Well, with our partners. Primary to your case: 

Rejuvenation-Max LLC.

-Not familiar.

-You shoot a goose grease up your ass daily?


-Precisely. Cost them a penny a pound.
By the time you use a pound it’s over a
thousand bucks to them.

-But I don’t understand. With or without
Dorine, I’d still use the product.

-Yeah but outside of a stable relationship,
you get erratic, miss a dose now and again.

-And multiply that by other fuckbrains...?

-Bingo! They’ve asked her to take you
back also...and there are others.

-I’m mad to come in contact with them!



-Your profile mentions your quoting him. your
eyes when you do. Dreamy not a bad approximation.

-Stop it! My eyes? Hardly know they’re around.

-Nonetheless. And I’m being objective. Dreamy.

-Well, I get a kick outa that! Coming, uh, back to Dorine...

-Oh I think we just moved on from her, don’t you?

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