Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Melody and Charlsey

-I just threw out Marv!

-What crime this time?

-Same. Drinking. Like...Cal
before him...muse I.

-But Marv is funny!

-I'll miss that! A laugh not
amiss in this Vale of Tears.

-You're so harsh, Mel! Judge not
that you be not judged.

-A nice proverb. I'd like to
know how to get through
this life without a little
judging from time to time.

-I guess you'll be throwing
ME out sooner than later.

-My cue to say we're galpals forever!

-Then say it!

-We're galpals forever. Life proves
simple when you tell everyone
what they want to hear.

-Look out I don't throw YOU out!

-Let's throw each other in!
To the Flower Show! Forget lying
souses mid Glads and Roses!
Get your chapeau.

-Baseball cap?

-That'll do.

-You'll...eventually need a man.

-After the last last molecule fades
from those marvelous banks
of roses!

-How long?

-How long, Lord, how long?

-I wonder what you mean by that.

-I don't know.

-Or anything!

-Temporary Insanity. We're off!

-And Devil take the hindmost?

-Ones totally lovely! I must add.
(Sings) Born free!

-That’s from a movie. About a lioness.

-Let’s hear our grrrrs!

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