Monday, April 04, 2016


Smart-Answers Kelly

She arranged her makeup on the desk, musing.

Suddenly stamped the document. "No smart
answers, Kelly?"


Well, you're promoted. Clerk Two!" She started
applying lipstick. Watermelon Ecstasy. 

All her bright makeup named for fruits.

“Congratulations definitely in order!" laughed
Barmaid Lilly Nessley later.

Five regulars joined in singing "For He's a Jolly
Good Fellow!"

But somebody did deny. Other Kelly swept over with "Another rung on the Ladder to Oblivion?"

"Clerk One forever!" Bixxy sneered back at him.

The two eventually separated.

“Bad blood there!”--Kelly eventually shaking his head. Then telling Bixxy of  the woman’s Smart Answers crack.

“Serious!” he warns. "She mixed you up with the Other Kelly. You never, ever, gave one in your whole entire life!"

“I'll never get promoted again then?”


“What can I do about it?”


“But there must be something!”

“Stay content! The graveyards are full
of  people tried to straighten out the
simplest problem.”

The gang starts another verse "That nobody
can deny, that nobody can deny!"

The Other Kelly lurks in a dim corner.

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Nothing better than #1. Even Villie agrees.
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