Sunday, April 03, 2016


The Man Who Found Himself

-Oh there you are! Moping about your
certainties? And Beatitudes? Blessed are the...!

-Where’s that garish tramp of yours?
You couldn’t have farmed her out to
ruin the lives of others!


-Good riddance! Depravity!

-Even took that florescent lipstick that had
rolled under the...

-You’re a Moral Disgrace!

-Add Drunk.

-I was going to.


-Plus...that financial rigamarole that confused
others, but not me. Just a crook is all!

-Booze haze mostly, but I’m walking it back.
I’ll make whole anyone who...?

-Wouldn’t our Mother be proud!

-I want you to come along again. In her name
I’m keeping off the Grass too! Presently.

-I pray to God he vaporizes you!

-There IS one, then?

-I know that my Redeemer liveth!

-Good thing! Who else could stand the both of us?

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Garish tramps can be a wonderful diversion
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