Wednesday, May 18, 2016


“Bovine Ruth”

When the nickname came back to
her, she was displeased in her
special, and sweet, way.

"Intended to ridicule and diminish"
was the State's burden as it brought
charges without her asking.

Luncie's misfortune proved the very
rambling form of Maximum Maxine Rucks, 

The Judge From Hell!

He'd have twenty-one years to think of
his motives in embarrassing pretty Ruth.

You'd think he'd spend them complaining
about Political Correctness to his fellow Righties.

Instead he became a scholar of cows, seeing the
docile Ruth as a sort of goddess.

The cult spread in Hixson Penetentiary,
culminating in three years with a special
invitation to the wronged Ruth to attend
a picnic of "The Bovine Worshipful Cult."

It so impressed her: the dappled men
reciting bovine facts as to digestion, that
she forgave Luncie. The Warden sent heavily-
iced Cinnamon Rolls!

Other wardens, especially of fractious prisons,
invited Luncie to start chapters of the cult.

Soon he was coordinating the Eastern United
States and Puerto Rico. Traveling with a guard,
then not.

When he was paroled eight years in, he wouldn't
leave. The Warden fitted out a studio apartment
and office in an abandoned cell block and
named him Social Director.

Many more prisons joined in now, the West and
difficult South being swept up. Nowhere that
the saintly Ruth--newly named The Bovine Virgin-- 
didn't travel that rose petals weren't strewn
in her path.

Bubba Hocks of the Georgia System: “That shit
he sells, he’s the fucking rehab genius!”

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