Monday, May 30, 2016



In the Supply Room,
Relly pitched forward
as the pile of cartons
gave way, struck his head
on an old wooden filing

“ I?” he asked
Bent, the college intern,
who helped him back to
his desk.

He appeared dazed all
morning, and was left
out of the usual sarcastic

Many were for taking him
to a doctor, but "Judge"
Halliday, the office elder
prevailed, everybody
sharing Dunkin Donuts and

Delsey Flowers made sure
Relly got his sugar treat!
“Do I like these?”

He gradually came to, but
not before a Visitation,
everybody at lunch.

A shining young woman, all
in white, as the computers
shimmered around her.

Relly blinked and blinked.

"I...hit my head."

"Would you like to see my cunt?"

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