Saturday, June 04, 2016


The Edge of the Moon

-So pretty! And yet what a tragic flaw!

-How would you characterize it?



-She could really rip 'em. Industrial Strength!
Emptied  rooms.

-How embarrassing for her! Sought medical...?

-Every Gastric Mavin from here to...!

-New Haven? Romance must have been a problem.

-You think? You'd think! But she met a guy
at a Gas-X display who hugely admired her.
Looked forward to a contest!

-Some sort of roughneck longshoreman or something?



-But, not a rival in the sound department, fortunately for the profession. Mostly SBD, him.

-Silent but Deadly!  Even so, for decorum in the
hushed precincts...?

-But, the library in a new building with good
odor handling capacity. Though hardly perfect.
Occasionally the custodians did a sweep, believing some critter had crawled in and died.

-Did they marry?  There couldn’t be rivals.

-Outdoor ceremony. Windswept. More than a few
passed out, even so. And they wrote some raucous metal cauterwailings into the proceedings, courtesy of Jan, John, and the Smashgods!


-Was that! Is!

-How they getting on?

-Not bad! He still admires her greater gifts!
Two years have passed, no pun.

-Any blessed event?

-Oh yes! Pregnancy magnified her problems,
of course.

-I can imagine!

-Not really. No one could.

-At any rate...?

-Staff muscled a fan used in
mining into the Delivery Room.

-Enter Junior, or Jasmine?

-Junior. And already a virtuoso of rear

-Someone should write an opera!

-He's on his way to that in performance!


-Father Mike chose the high school ballpark.

-Worried about Stations of the Cross disintegrating?

-How’d you guess?

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