Sunday, June 19, 2016


The Perils of Writing Anything

-Well...ill chosen phrase!

-What I was getting at in blog:
the protracted end of an affair,
when things...get small, fleeting,
unimportant, excruciatingly trivial etc.

-And you call that Dwarf Sex?

-Maybe I shoulda thought more?

-Knocked web off a bit, and some
bitter complaints. Folks looking for
"Dwarf Sex" seek stills or vids of
dwarfs doing it. Couples or groups.

-Groups? Even I find that disgusting!

-Matter of Opinion. Besides, they like
to be called “Little People.”

-Roses by any other name, etc. 

And Dwarf Varieties therein? Of dwarfs?

-You have actual humor in you?

-Only when it comes to cruelty.

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Porno Sunday!
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