Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Working At the Sawmill

Carly, Accountant and owner’s wife,
always passed your check with some

With me, always the same. “Some overtime
in there. Maybe you can start on your
falling-down shed I pass each morning?”

Getting the materials! I promised.

Actually the shed was used for the Saturday
Get-Together featuring The Banjo Maniacs
with Delsey-Do!

She carried a keyboard and sang.

Mix in some moonshine and marijuana and

This whole part of the county looked forward
to it.

Well, it did eventually fall down. No surprise.
And firemen dug us out.

Mostly scrapes and bruises, but I, your funny MC, missed a month at the sawmill.

Carly sent a card, original name scratched out.

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Carly's a cheap be-atch!
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