Friday, July 15, 2016



Not that he was one for radical experiments,
but Ash revolted that Spring day.

Pale knot in front of his building, and crude sign:

                        FAMILY HASENT EATIN!

Up to his office, but has had Doorman Charlie bundle them
into his limo for a trip to the boatyard.

Now, Secretary Jeanine texts Hobart Grimsley there.

       Sml yacht delv 2wks. Train this crew!

His old Captain back, of course, but woman
to handle galley. Man, bartender and
general mate. The one cockeyed girl
helping  her mother. Other girl, waitress.

Just his business partner along for the
shakedown cruise. Nursing frosty gin and
tonics as afterglow slides silkily under.

“ cutest waitress of all time!”

“Thinking of marrying her.”

“You’re some Libertarian! Fuck anybody!”

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