Friday, July 01, 2016


Game Day

The Stalwarts brought their patriotism
too far.

Instead of a flag covering the entire
field, one draping the entire stadium!

Down to the surrounding walkway.

Went well in rehearsals with dozens of
armed forces personnel holding it down.

However, game day proved windy, and the
uniformed  handlers, stationed outside with ropes, couldn't control it.

Finally, just made an impenetrable lid over the
stadium, a giant sucking sound indicating
a seal.

Those from lower seats who managed to crawl out from under were purple-faced with exertion.

A few old men made it, and, unfortunately,
crapped themselves.

One of these, Professor Deltz, spat.
"Patriotism moved from being the last refuge
of the scoundrel to the main pursuit of
total fuckin incompetents!"

No one helped him because he stunk so.

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More ammo for nyc street muggings?
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