Friday, July 22, 2016


Getting the Right Man

The Selectmen politely asked each year,
and Curt became a Minuteman Sentry,
guarding the town.

Actually a “statue” with bronzed clothes
and makeup.

He'd alternate the small bridges connecting
to the world.

This year at the Markey Avenue one by the

There cars honked and trains whistled, and
he frequently acknowledged both with his
bronze musket.

Unfortunately, the pigeons treated him the
same way they do other monuments.

The result: a thorough shower and brush-
scrubbing every evening of Revolutionary Days.

His friend, Marcus remarked "You such a great
method actor that  the pigeons think you're a
fixed apparatus to an edifice or something!"

Then he'd wind deeply down into one  of his
lecture-arguments, how we all play parts in
life, and, therefore, are never really genuine.

Curt's Jill always laughed their discussions away,
this time saying "I don't know why they picked
my Curty for a statue, but they got the right man!"

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