Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Machines Handling Rebels

“I rather think I'd like to die!”

He was shushed, with everyone pointing
out the cameras and listening devices.

"You will make your jokes, but, don't
worry, the robots can pick up sarcasm."

"No sarcasm!"

"Even THAT statement is!"

"The rest of you live in misery with lousy
meds treating incurable diseases. All to
prolong, indeed never end, what is laughingly
called Life!"

All the machines screeched into red, spinning-
light mode.

Then the one-hour lecture as to everyone
wanting to move here. Where we had fulfilled
the dream etc.

But he still wouldn't shut up and twin robots
came for him.

Being led away, he cried. "Do your worst!
But, that must be life and not execution.
Therefore do your best!"

One robot said to the other that this rebel had
lost it! The other one said they'll take him to
the island.

Lectures will play in continuous loops.
Ten to twenty simultaneously.

And patriotic songs.

All in the defunct stadium. Enveloped by a huge flag--originally one of a corporation.

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