Sunday, July 03, 2016


The Diverse Couple

Some women, some things never get old.

Reps never looked into that famous mirror
of course. If he did, it would proclaim
HIM the fairest of them the equity
meaning of that term.

How to be fair to all! obsessed his life.

His friends were racists. No matter.
He worked on them constantly, drawing
out concessions from even the hardest-core

His Laurel was fair enough. Really didn't think
much of major issues. Her signature utterance:
“I want a big cock!”

Sending girlfriends into hurricanes of laughter!

Always. New to them each time she said it.

He was normal in all respects, even dully so.

The other married women were red-faced-
pleased after her famous phrase.

A popular couple. He joined the church, and
she went along.

Though, "Why bother? You're holy enough!"

Feminism tried to throttle her, then pin her
down. But "What's the fuss? I get what I want!"

That's the picture. Unchanging. Unchanged by
kids, too, since they decided no.

The years...! Well, did what years do.

They're in Bide-a-Bit now, one of the cottages.

Lovable eccentrics, to Dotty Heller, RN, who drops
by once a week.

She’s so professional that Laurel never pulls her
big cock line. Reps bit crotchety, feeling the
younger generation resigned to chewing ashes.

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perfect couple!
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