Monday, August 15, 2016


A, B, C, D



A: The Government gives it some
patriotic panache. D-Day. But it's
only the day each senior decides
on his or her future.

OC: A, B, etc?

A: It'll help if I knew what the
categories meant!

OC: Get out then! Circulate! Listen!
Pretend to be interested in the crap
architecture or whatever.

A: I'll do that to fill the time, but
it's a crapshoot anyway. When they text
me and give me an hour, I'll just choose one.

OC: Knowing you, you'd like to stay right here!

A: You got that right!

OC: Well, four to one odds. Great! Show me
other situations in this incompetent vale
of tears where you get such good odds.

A: Don't paint me lucky. That's a mistake!

OC: Whatever.

A: At any rate, I’ll text back, or tell the sexy
Carolinia, the cyber voice.

OC: Who’ll say “I love your choice, Andy!
B is YOU.”

A: Somewhat mechanically, but what the hell!

OC: I heard of a guy they sent to an All-Women Place!

A: Good Christ! How did he ever...?

OC: Strangely, worked out! He didn’t like to talk anyway.

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