Wednesday, August 17, 2016


A Prophet

The Man Who Discovered IT in New Haven

cozied. Kept quiet. But flourished
in health!

Others questioned him and he merely

As a matter of fact, became apparent
to many that they diminished as he

His happiness became unbearable, and dark
things were therefore hinted as to his fate.

Especially since he began to rub it in.
“Look at you pukes!” and the like.

Women decried his behavior to his face,
since the men afraid of him.

He did listen to them--“the Fair Sex”--
and decided to share his secret in a loving
and not arrogant way.

He built a small platform of two by fours
and brute-forced it to the New Haven Green.

For some reason, his lecture had to be
delivered naked.

He endeavored to explain why in the poetic intro,
but Patrolmen Cassady and Pesticci, snatched
him in his transported, blinking, rhetorical midst.

Called in a crane, too, from the Streets Department
to trundle the platform to their yard.

Yale shortly wanted it. Putting together a display
for the Peabody Museum of “American Prophets,
from John Brown to...” well, our latest, local, flowering.

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