Friday, August 19, 2016


Dueling Phones, 2066

Merritt Dash-Haas silenced his phone
which was a hot brick in his hand,

and blinking RED DAY!

Third time this month, and now with
pictures of people in earthquake and
wars, trudging to whatever will grind
them up.

“Not Red LETTER Day?” he laughed.
“Well, I’ll handle whatever!  Battle-
scarred me!”

But the phone warned he was ill equipped
for such bravery: Blinking 6,7s filled the
screen rapidly.

“I’m at 6s and 7s? No wonder! Life has kicked
the crap outa me this month.

So I’m to do nothing? Take it! Let it blow over.
Emerge so shaken that I...!”

Mercy-Dell Halloran studied him quizzically.
Soon, their phones magnetized and threw back
each violently.

She was on the ground when he got hers away
from her and flung it into Coxey’s Pond.

Followed by his.

“Might kill a few fish but...never an emergency
like this!”

These naive individuals went off with each other.

To God knows what forbidden destination.

Just a perfect capsule detailing the wilfulness
of today’s sexed-up youngsters!

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