Sunday, August 14, 2016


Jack the Genius

 An Adventure in Art

Jack the Genius was plan old Jack
for many years. Making small films
and writing stories and scripts.

Until Bitsy Hopewell where a sweet
cheerleader morphs into a particularly
obnoxious male.

This labored effort won the Sheep Drover’s
Film Festival in Australia.

The jury especially referred to its artlessness.

Two viciously competing schools arose:
JG and JUF, the last meaning Jack the Utter Fool.

They booked adjoining meeting rooms at the Muncie Y for the Indiana Outlier Flick Fest.

Bloody fisticuffs later.

Jack was shut out on awards there, and quit the business.

That didn’t stop either group.

And younger critics mention him in the same breath with Kurosawa and Fellini.

A short breath...the squabble goes on!

Jack the Genius marries Stella Adela, Stripper, washes cars.

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Thereby guaranteeing lots of happy endings
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