Tuesday, August 09, 2016


The Choice

-Disenchanted with both choices, I’m joining
millions in writing in Bert Hogg!

-Never heard of him.

-Bert presently resides in a lab at Stanford.

-He’s...a pig?

-Bingo! But one who can talk about the level
of a seven year old.

-Add another year and he could be President!

-Will be, if our polls are right.

-And two terms?

-One will be enough. He gets bored.

-We’ll get sick of the reporters interpreting every
grunt! And the guaranteed haters knocking
everything as pig-like!

-“He handled the Easter Egg Hunt like the pig he is!” First Lady Pig help out there?

-Hortensia, from Yale’s lab.

-Change the name! The real despisers will have
too much fun with that first syllable.

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Sounds suspiciously like the 2 running now.
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