Thursday, August 18, 2016


The Woman Bored By Everything

finally tried reading, again.

But the authors too florid,
wrapping rhinestones in
platinum words.

And those whose tacked opposite
cast wisdom in asperity and just
sounded crabby.

Art helped her for a time, painting,

The more outlier and crap, the better.

A few shocks, a few laughs.

Her girlfriends recommended sex,
of course.

A week in the woods with a Polack
with a twelve-word vocabulary!

But, knowing her luck, said Polack
would not perform due to a massive
Mother Complex, or a nagging
vocational failure at Microsoft.

Was...she heading for that kind of
bitchy behavior which offended all?

Perhaps so, when she, instead,
discovered long walks.

Made no difference whether mid hot
concrete or cool dapples.

After, she breathed!

And not a thought.

Am I becoming a moron? laughed she.

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