Friday, September 02, 2016


International Class

-We have World’s Preeminent
Crop Duster in our cube farm.

-Large man, gaseous?

-Small woman, deadly.

-Does she pretend important missions?

-Nothing but! Moving briskly to save the company!

-And in her wake?

-The usual rotten eggs aroma, infused with aged garlic.


-Plus a something dead. Small animal.


-And not recently.

-Is this...ethnic woman? The garlic?

-American as vicious gossip!

-God help her husband!


-Other two?

-Gagged to death!

-Can you take any preventative…?

-Surplus gas mask. Gulf War,
bottom drawer.

-But you can’t’ll hurt her!

-We’re talking life or death here!

-Besides, she must walk...innocently also?

-Not the slight curl of lip then.

-Why are their warnings so subtle?

-Know that, know everything!

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Power lady!
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