Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Medical Opinions

Ricky and Noggs left the former’s
Stag Party since both on call as
Ambulance Techs.

Driver Jellybean picked them up.

And then, the three fetched Mr Ackeny of
that neighborhood.

Later, the partiers, only a bit flushed from their
one-drink limit, when Ackeny peeked out from a
thicket of tubes to wheeze  “It’s probably nothing!”

Noggs agreed super warmly, with a scattered
anecdote of a Joe Early of Morningside picked
up last week clammy-gray and trembling, but
discharged almost immediately at Receiving.

“And he looked like Death warmed over!”

“But,” Rick whispered, “it’s probably... everything.”

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EMTs in overdrive
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