Sunday, September 25, 2016


The Call (1 and 2 )

-Ashen? Shaken? You've gotten
The Phone Call!

-DID I? Every paranoid monster
shaken loose!

-You've gotten too close. He HAD to!

-I've...never gotten along with anyone
so well!

-Uh huh? Did you start thinking he
was queer? All that emotion!

-Not a bit of it!

-Well, that's his fear.

-Well, I'm, like, walking away and never,
ever looking back!

-Nonsense! He'll be all bear hugs now
and showing everybody how much he loves
you. In a manly, macho way.

-Now you're teasing.

-Friend for steadfast life, and I'm not kidding.

-Tearing and ripping to get there?

-Personality's a mystery. The more books
they write, the more mysterious!


-Look at YOU! Did you get the number
of that Mack truck?

-She phoned me at around 3AM.

-She seeks clarity at that hour.

-Even got around to Old World curses,
Gypsy, I think. Very imaginative, if grisly.

-Well, never mind! You graduated now.

Love-making from here on will shake your
very foundation!

-For how long?

-Usual is a year, but don't fret! She a marvelous
breaker-upper. It's like a seminar. She won't
go on until you thoroughly understand each step.

-Pandora’s Box, and then Super Love, and then...
quoting Professors or something?

-Life itself!

-Where can I opt out from ALL of it? With her,

with everybody?

-That's handled FOR you some future dark day.

-Can’t wait.

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