Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The Man Who Made Strange Gronking Sounds

Finally evicted by his roommate, but not before

“Noises? WHAT the hell you...gronk ooo ock gronk…
talking about?”

Same social worker who had paired the two got him
a single room in another house,

There he signed up for the bus to the Basketball Game, but it got jammed in traffic in a rowhouse neighborhood, and a cop answered the call complaining of noise and profanity

Defended by woman!

“Is it against law? This man... wheel away willow...
minds his own business!”

In conclusion, I suppose such folks are awfully beneath…
let all fall, ball ball!

Actually the cop proved a good skate, and his wife
volunteers at the house now.

Singing with Gronk and the woman:

“Hi ho, Silverware.
Tonto lost his underwear.
He washed it in the Delaware.”

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Sounds normal from here
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