Saturday, October 29, 2016


Loud Harp

or Inner Travail of the Outspoken

The man who did what he could
died mildly.

In a shocker, the Catholics
gave him a spiffy funeral mass.

A last-minute convert, and his wife
contributed a badminton court to
the priests.

Friend, Denholm O’Toole, or Den-O,
spat that “They’ll chase a cock, this time

He was through with the corrupt Church!
Throw him into the ground when his
time came!

But wife Ginger wouldn't allow it.

Swartzy's wife, Ruth, had offered him their
Temple over the phone before Ginger's strict
ecclesiastical pronouncement. Lightheartedly!

Den-O just coming off a torsion bowel week
at home, nurse Ginger applying Irish Granny
treatments mostly.

Anyway, Ruth undeniably beautiful.

"A thing of beauty is a Jew forever!" he later
shouts to Ginger, earning an extra weekend
of renewed bowel wrench from the Hebrew God.

He's back at work. Fishbelly white. Looking saintly.

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