Tuesday, October 11, 2016



At first it started as parody.
He imitated the apes he has
seen in films and zoos.

His nightly walk became downward-
extended swinging arms, the scratching
of the armpits, thumping of the chest.

Then, one misty night, he encountered
another "ape."

She pretty much mirrored him, and after
some dominance traits, they laughed
and introduced themselves in human
terms. She Helene, he Cliff.

Both motivated, it seems, by the tameness
of their daylight lives forcing them
into the wildness of this one.

They were shy, for apes, and the mating
took several encounters.

But then Helene confided that she had
a few daylight lovers, human. Cliff burned
with human jealousy.

But thumped his chest till she warned
he could injure himself.

She became pregnant, and the DNA tests
showed a wily accountant.

Soon she had no reason to come to the
park where they met, but still ranged
elsewhere in her neighborhood, with the
amazed accountant in tow.

Cliff went back to Solo Ape, a role he
was born for.

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