Monday, November 21, 2016



-This Senator called a black
lawyer “Boy” when a judge.
Once upon a time!  Does that
make him an unrelenting


-I don't buy it. He could belong
to a poker club where he regularly
plays with black guys, and they rib
the shit outa each other on race.

-That's not enough to extract the

-Such standards!

-The fish is in the water, and the
water is in the fish.

-Oh? And what the hell does that mean?

-If the shoe fits...

-Enough with the proverbs! They're as
lousy a guide as anything!

-We're liberals and yet a lot of intolerance
has seeped in.

-I'm not responsible for seepage. I just do
the best I can.

-Not enough.

-Nothing ever is. It's a curse and fuck it!

-Heart for every fate!

-I'm warning you!

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