Thursday, November 24, 2016


Kevin and Kevin

We’re a hetero couple having
the same name.

We write about our gang.


Glib Death

Only a few seniors in the gang,
and they speak glibly of death.

“I’ll be pushing up daisies by then!”

“When I got outa my car, the door
hit a guy in black carrying a sickle.
Convinced him got the wrong guy.
Won’t work next time!”

More of the same. Not clever,
but lively.

Doc Andy says they’re really scared.
A Podiatrist, and the feet far away
from the brain, we know, but...he
has something.


Decisions etc

Lutzy decided! Moderate version
of the
Hallelujah Chorus please.

Stow that since he as quickly

His partner, Mark, going bananas
in this regard.

What the hell! Some of us brood
to produce an uncertain egg,
others talk...and talk...and talk...and...


Big One

Monette obsesses about Cancer.
She knows she has it though all
tests negative, and googles its
various forms and treatments daily.

"In Montreal , now they have a
huge machine that...chemo,

Oh well! All of it.

Her boyfriend, Murph-Mo runs limos
in Philly.

He transported the latest boy
band last week and bought her
their dvds.

She's already worried about
Little Jimmy who wears a sweater
in all their pictures because he’s

Maybe she'll knit him a warmer one.

Her obsession may be switching.

Turtle Neck. Icelandic Fisherman’s

It's not brain surgery.

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