Tuesday, November 15, 2016



Pops recognizes nobody visiting
the hospice.

Until he decides everyone, male and
female is Oswit Krelle, the veteran
character actor.

Indeed, he is also. And becomes more
animated in the process.

So, visiting at his bed, becomes Krelles
speaking to each other.

And, everyone catching the enthusiastic
fever, lots of pseudo drama and kidding.

When the doctors and nurses take it really
over the top, in costume, you’d think the whole
participation would get old.

But, not the case.

Pops eventually ceases being Krelle, and an hour
later, the actual Krelle dies suddenly at a Hollywood diner, choking on “steak” gristle.

Immediately after, Pops meets him in the “Tunnel,”which he had taken in his strange mind to visit.

Krelle quite amused at so many imitating him.
“I was minor. Makes me feel major.”

Pops tells him that he’s thinking of being a serial
killer next, but Krelle thought he’d lose the fun
of it that way.

Soon after, Pops dies, drifting away in quiet sleep
as himself.

The young doctors and nurses thought about kind
of Halloweening the memorial service, but
Dr Warren Hartz, Superintendent, warned them
against it.

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