Friday, December 23, 2016


Actuarial Fate

-With what I can plug in now,
I can tell you the age you'll

-And if I press you, day and time?'

-I sense sarcasm, but...I could
come close, no matter what.

-Well, plug nothing in because
I don't wanna know!

-But if you knew, you could...

-Straighten some things out?
Like, with Steph?

-The amazing Stephanie!

-Amazed me right outa my mind!

-You could soothe both minds

-To an extent. We’d eventually fight
as to how to reconcile.

-So, it won't be perfect? It's
better than the present standoff.
Which, by the way...

-Morphs over the months to an
unhealthy growth?

-Uh huh? Why don't you pretend
you have a year or so left, and then
the pair of you do what you can?

-I'm the one acutely feeling the
disadvantage. What's her actuarial picture?

-If I had to guess, I'd...well, much better.

-Do I get points, like in football.

-At least a touchdown and extra point.

-The latter is her speciality. Anyway,
a strong betting favorite is she!

-A piece of work! But so are you.

-Making it all the more difficult.
Besides...the best things fall outa
the sky. I should be patient. Trust
to Luck!--Steph and I should.

-Not according to my figures and your
health, physical and  mental.

-I'm a case! I don't wanna be a case!

-We have some small choices, but I wouldn't
wish to run the figures.

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