Thursday, December 22, 2016


Little Pinky Winky

He was super-cautionary
in his saying, lest he
injure sensitive friends.

But Deirdre stiffened when
he referred to a town councilman
as Little Pinky Winky...his socialist

"What my parents called me and
I hated it!"

Then she went on to hint that
Carl knew that, and was making
fun of her."Why not? Everybody
else does!"

But he assured her, merest

Went on to assert that in the
infinite universes, somebody
was saying Little Pinky Winky
right now.

Deirdre didn't want to hear it!
Accused him of repeating those
words just to injure.

He promised he'd never utter
those injurious words ever again!

Too late! Slammed the door in his face

And in his infinite universes, how many
millions of doors etc? At this instant!

I'll stop; he's tiresome.

And she's done with him forever!   
No great loss to either?

Now now, we’re called upon to be more
tolerant in this single, imperfect world, yes?

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