Saturday, January 21, 2017


Bureaucracy Oy!

-Your Prostate Claim refused
because you're Female.

-Not last time I looked.

-Oh? Then I'll put you down as
Claims Male.

-Do that!

-However, we have a route for 

immediate payment.

-Better yet!

-The Cralzer-Demsel Index of
Sexuality. You have CDI of 61.
That's male enough for payment.

-But I'll still be Female in your records?

-No action and you'll revert to Male.

-No Action is my middle name!

-We still have one piece of business, however.
You'll be using your CDI as a BC.


-Bureaucratic Convenience, while your original maleness gets settled.

-I don't know...

-Got the stamp right here. BC!

-Okay, use it.


-Wow! You are one loud stamper!

-Known for it!

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