Monday, January 16, 2017


Feeling Around Invention

Jersey Guy had to extinguish some
fires in Albany, so missed
out when the gang invented
the planet of Mariskosay.

So the in-jokes flew by him later,
and nobody seemed inclined
to fill him in.

Enter Laurel, who thought him
intriguing, and the gang asinine.

Laurel, he told her, was his
planet now!

And this lasted a while,
mutual infatuation.

Then, rather than cooling,
it deepened, so that the
two of them thoughtfully
assembled the planet of Runce-o-fel.

Most of Laurel’s women's bowling
team came immediately onboard,
feeling that Mariskosay had
become sexist.

And had run out of ideas generally.

“Stale, stale, stale!” Laurel sneered.

But Jersey Guy still didn’t want to hurt anyone.

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