Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Hers is the world and all that’s in it


Our Shellzy got a number.

DF, or Defunct Professor, claims
that she's already famous, but
this should do it.

The number is expressed in a
formula few can begin to grasp.

Last week she went to Princeton,
and people flew in from Japan.

All this for one unexpected property
her number seems to have. Or not.

It's, of course, so incredibly large
that you'd think all kinds of elements
in there.

She's taking a break from it, down
to Cocoa Beach to help her sister prepare
children for new schools.

Her health will depart if she doesn't
shoulder different things.

But, once that's done, a visit to Florida
Tech in Melbourne, their largest computer.

After, a few anointed NASA people wish
to chat.

Ben, our Ben, who struggles with the figures
in his bank statement, desperately wants us
to retain her womanly properties.

But DF shrugs that we lost her long ago.

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