Sunday, January 08, 2017


Mayhem Academy

I started with harmless jokes
but the Faculty became restless.

So, offered generalities that
glittered a bit.

Finally "Quantify!" screamed they.

I signaled the projectors, and figures
and graphics sped by, which I tried
qualifying even before they shouted
to do just that!

But it all equaled mess.

The faculty stared fighting each
other, fists with the men, and
severely cutting remarks from
the women. 

Though one, Professor Marline Rupp, 
smashing a chair over the hammy back 
of Doctor Hester Giggons.

My Introducer, Hanley  E. Destry, sped
back to the podium to attempt imposing

Finally crying in joy. "Knowledge
is so wonderful! Such a divine process!
We are blessed with this mayhem!"

I had doubts, but agreed strenuously.

Or he'd block my degree.

Sex occurred in the front row, and most
stopped to watch on the monitors.


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