Monday, January 09, 2017


The Reinvention of the Wheel Goes Not At All

-When I finally got up to the front of the
line, a Sears' lady gave me a shirt and
their apologies. Hokie Kennedy, the hockey
guy? Last line they introduced.

-Capitalism's last slap-shot to your balls!

-Not quite. I'll be able to use the old Sears
card in Dillards, Kohls, other.

-Thus does the despised system prosper in
adversity. Like a huge bag of shit you punch
to exhaustion!

-I've stopped. Shoulders tired, arms tired,
the whole works ready for a gin and tonic!

-You're done!

-Just about! Why am I happy?

-That's the whole goal! Make you just nuts

-Look! Karl Freakin Marx, I got a shirt!
Every system tends towards Tyranny!
Government the very worst! I go with the
one gives me a shirt!

-Slave! Slave mentality.

-Oh Massa! Buy Old George a tie, now, for


-Would you like my autograph?

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