Monday, February 27, 2017


The Necessary Invention

“Crusty” the mildest
appellation describing
Sloan, City Editor

of the New Haven Journal Courier.

Who one Two-
AM had only

a rookie to obscenely dispatch
to a late November four-alarm

Youngster was to phone in,
and a copywriter sat at

a typewriter to wait. Sirens
incessantly! As if the whole city afire!

No call as deadline approaching!
Finally! The deathless words:
“It's all confusion here!”

Well, the writer milks out
a few details to assemble a story.

Street Location, what the Fire Chief
blurted, a few names of those
standing around in underwear

and soaked midst black webs
of icy hoses.

We make a story when faced
with the virulence of confusion.

The deal with each other is often
that we're not scorned

for it. With Modern Politics, of course,
that decent bet, too, is off

the technical table.

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