Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Many Awards

Enough was enough!

Mel told his Calendar Robot to
cancel all Tuesday’s appointments
and move them.

Done! With the exception of Tony’s
Italian Market.

There Mel himself had to phone,
repeating last week’s order.

But...didn’t sit right with Tony,
who liked to talk about things,
all things. The order a sidelight.

Certainly not to hear customers
nervously repeating themselves!

Somehow, his personality triggered
Mel’s original robot reinstating all
Tuesday’s appointments.

With the motto:

Days off are the Devil’s Playground

Mel had to confess his failure to
girlfriend Dorothea.

“Well I tried! 
The Disney One-Day Super Whamzoo will hafta wait.”

“Wait? What slaves best at!”

She overstated, and has been warned.
But she persisted.

LuAnn appointed new girlfriend, coming
with many awards.

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