Wednesday, March 15, 2017


What She Sees

Dolores gone from her bed that morning.

Mac and Carol wondered about calling the police,
but had been instructed in the past to watch Milo's
Exercise City before the 7 AM news.

A banner ran across the bottom as Milo coaxed into
slow-motion stretches.


in warp don't worry-dolores.

The family proud that she was called from time
to time, though Mac and Carol puzzled as to her

"Well it's not sex!" Dolores laughed, "What you two think about!"

What could it be for a seventeen year old?

During another time: “The leader says I see things nobody else can,
but that's only there. Here I'm the average clunk. Boyfriend, stupid
music, florescent hatchet-hair, raggedy-ass clothes!”

Once, at a neighborhood meeting, Dr Abnessry, the School District
Psychologist, had passed around many pictures, one of which
featured Dolores and Rockno, the boyfriend, on his multicolored
scooter. All to convince parents that their children were “normal.”

The atmosphere was jovial and everyone laughed. The theme:
This, too, shall pass.

It does and it doesn’t.

In the meantime, Rockno did worry. Leaving messages on all
the cells.

When he came by, Carol told him she'd be back soon. Mac was
up on a ladder, cleaning the gutters. When Rockno's scooter
squealed away, he slipped a rung, his nose being scored by

Carol sprayed it with saline and dabbed Vaseline on a band-aid.
"You're good to go," she told him.

When Dolores returned, the leaves were back in the gutter and
the scratch had never occurred.

No time had lapsed since she left her bed.

Which she does now in her Shrieking Roar-Boys’ pjs and
Minnie Mouse Slippers. Breakfast.

Rockno had perceived nothing of course.

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