Monday, April 03, 2017


Della and Rack Consider a Film

-“NITWIT SWITCH, the sex romp to end all etc.”

-I like Doris Hadley.

-She can’t save it.

-Thin gruel anyway. A stupid woman
becomes a stupid man. Give me a break!

-The opposite plot being impossible.

-How’s that?

-Dodo as a lady? The softening and love
he learns in the process makes the usual
macho imbecility impossible.

-You said impossible twice!

-I’m a woman.

-How about inconceivable?

-Not after three babies!

-You’re...too quick for me, aren’t you?”

-Not too dead to notice? Look out you
don’t lose your male union card.

-Or union suit?

-Nice try!

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