Thursday, May 18, 2017


Making Faces

Britsy had a full dozen, but Finn but one
really. That is, he was a lousy actor.

Well, anyway, they based their recent
life on Dr Kildad Morrisey’s Why Not Now?

A tome encouraging one to develop
faces for situations.

As a matter of fact, or face, her latest
was the "Why Not Now?"

When she put that one on in an argument,
it carried the day, and they cleaned both
apartments, as an example.

And lately brushed up her late aunt’s,
the original Britsy. Long shuttered in
a family dispute.

In preparation for their moving there.

Practical in that it was downtown, near
work, and they could jettison the cars.

And the historical society would take all
the crap off their hands since Old Britsy
had been a war bride, and cabaret singer.

New Britsy had to buy out her two sisters.

But forced on her No Problem Face.

Now to him, Finn. Of the one face. He knew
he was being rushed into things and would
soon be living with her as more or less
husband and wife.

His shrug wasn’t in any book, but expressed
as well as one of her faces what Frost
was getting at in
The Oven Bird, the little
feister who sings at the very end of Summer.

“What to make of a diminished thing?”

The both of them were diminished things
and doing their best, though she had
more faces of course.

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