Monday, May 29, 2017



After the painful duck mishap, the Hennesy Twins, Andrea and Angelica, couldn’t stop screaming--and they were mere spectators.

Everybody in the car was fine, though shaken.
Grandpa claimed operatic discomfort while exiting, 
but forgot it when the state trooper showed.

Cpl Nethers sent for a Duck Translator.
Few, of course, so we’re lucky to have
Dr Bensural from the University.

The Mother who led the scraggly procession
first thanked the twins, some of their crying
being duck words.

She apologized to the rest for the jiving 
duckling who got hit, but was okay, and 
hoped he had learned something.

Then Dr Bensural made a wry face,
but waved off our questions until
the duck procession resumed.

“She said she never knows how to act
towards those who might eat her on
another occasion.”

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