Monday, June 26, 2017



Don't be ridiculous! They asked
me, I went.

-Who did?

-A...trio. Speaking all together. Singing, sort of.
Well, both.


-I agree. But, really, the only odd moment.

-A normal adventure? Come off it!

-Very much so. So forget the tabloid stuff.
I wasn't examined or probed or violated.

-Then why did they...?

-Never know. When I walked around
the ship I heard whispers of
dark eyes, flashing etc.


-There are Rumanians way back. Plus,
I’m hardly a pale beauty.

-More about the ship?

-Was given a flight chair, but
it had no seatbelt or anything.
Gravity held me there I guess.

Anyway, I could walk anywhere,
but the nuclear area which was
signed danger in the ways similar
to here.

-Did you get onto the flight deck?

-Didn't have to. The Captain came
to me, and more than once. He
smoozed around the whole ship.

-Barked commands anyway?

-Through hand signals. Subtle stuff...
which I can't say for my Wily E Coyote 


-A hit with the interstellar gang?

-Nothing ever funnier!

-So they were amused? The ship ran on?
You weren't raped or anything? Where's
the story?

-None. I told you.

-How long were...?

-After, they dropped me here in a weird
vehicle badged as Chevvie. And the
front door lock snapped open by magic,
I walked into the groaning house where
you could hear sleeping like wind through


-My clock radio showed about an hour elapsed.
But they had said I had spent a whole night and
the next morning.

-Uh huh? Let's go back a bit and...

-No way! Show's over!

-Ah hah! Something not right! Still makes
you queasy!

-No more than usual.

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