Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Codename: Delphinium

Dell Finn shook Clifford with the secret.
Martyred Women Anonymous had
targeted him.

But why? His breakups had been
amicable, two divorces the same.

“Their strategy, in that anyone can
possibly comprehend it, has edged
over to picking a dull guy, pretending
he’s flamboyant.”

“I don’t get it!”

“You never do. That’s what they count on.
But you have me in your corner!”

That proved not enough, what with fighting
through picket lines, and having work disrupted
by chanting and singing sirens of modernity.

Anyway, Bill Haskins finally issued him two months
leave to stay with his brother, Dr Jerome Haskins,
at Bide-a-Bit.

Security was good there and the harpies couldn’t
fight through.

But they were exceedingly more clever than
anyone could have guessed.

Male Nurse Victor had been planted a few
months earlier.

He had been Clifford’s first divorce.

The ensuing sex change so thorough that
Cliff had no clue now. Sound familiar?

Managed to tape all his therapy sessions.

MWA has reserved airtime next month to finish
blowing him out of the water!

Bide-a-Bit would have to go too. Collateral Damage
of the recent sort. Yet, horror enablers too!

Anyway, normal, but prosaic, men put on notice!

The Cause beginning to take giant steps over
small bodies.

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