Thursday, June 22, 2017


Hohenzollern Anthonys

Tells you his first name
after Kings, his second the
great Roman General and

“But plural there, since one of me
not enough for the ravenous
women of today’s world!”

A joke.

You escape! And aforementioned
hungry females laugh scornfully.

Such a man heads for modern disaster.

The first serious manifestation when
he's fired. The new management team
delegates a fresh vice-president to
give plural-boy the word.

Laurel Inglesby Cartz brings the
articulate, and even scientific,
case to a small, special office.

When she finishes, flushed,
instead of hearing an Angel Chord,
she discovers he's asleep.

He explains that it's so messy,
fatigues him, and suggests they
clean it together.

Miss Neat Freak agrees.

Anyway, she discovers what all the
ridiculing distaffs and Personnel
Solomons have missed: Character.

Decides then and there, so sick she
of usual male-female falderal.

Three adoring little daughters later...

Uh huh, yup, she had fired him, and
then hired him for the long run.

Cornball enough for you?

“Wait till they're teens,” you warn.
“At least one will tell him to go
fuck himself!”

To a truly loving man, won't happen.

Oh well, enough of this variety of
impossible story!

Just...maybe...he succeeds because
he's not too bright?

Possibly. But cleverness too often
outshone by natural maturity.

But. Generally. How YOU doing,

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