Sunday, June 04, 2017



too mild a summation of Mark and Bellasy.

We avoid them after the latest incendiary

Her looks flat gone! And his moroseness
like an extended acid fart!

Then, the miracle!

Under the influence of Dr Kildad Morrisey’s book,
Sign here! AND HERE! , they have completed a
14-page contract covering all.

We’re invited to witness, but not the SS.

Sex Section.

Well, anyway, he has regained some of his
limited fun (more regarded, still, as a
powerfully silent “Hunk”) and she?

Can flip on any rag for Starbucks, and
people stare. Yeah, she’s that beautiful!

Even our Stell, who makes up celebrity women on

Live Your Dream! is astounded at her.

Anyway, they carry around their contract,
discussing it super-calmly.

Boring the shit outa the rest of us...but
this can never change.

They exist for each other. No much room
for even
Fast News At Six, let alone the
rest of us mere mortals.

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