Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Power Apres

-Wow! Thanks!

-You ordered the best.

-Bears repeating: Wow!

-Can Jill bring you something
to drink?

-Uh, Jill?

-You met her. Very quiet.

-I hope she stays that way.

-You pay for discretion from my
whole staff. It’s guaranteed.

-No leaks?

-If I have something to say, I
come right out with it.

-Uh oh!

-But never a worry here. Ever. allow a word of advice?


-Always, in everything, deal with Pros!

-I try, but Washington is such a masquerade!

-Speaking of which. Come the first Tuesday
each month. In costume.

-You’ll be wearing...?

-Catholic Schoolgirl.

-Count me in! 

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