Friday, July 28, 2017


Glimpsing a Long Relationship

-Purpose of Woman on this Earth
is to humiliate Man!

-Thank you so much for telling me.

-That’s it. Case closed.

-Here I’ve been frittering away at other
tasks and...

-Don’t worry about any of that. It’s in
your nature, also, to mouth a lot
of trivial shit. Endlessly!

-Can you give me a list? I’m going
for Sainthood.

-A bit late.

-The Rosary goes in a circle, so
I’m okay.

-ANYway! And important! The young
women in the me Basset.

-After another hound?

-I’ve spoken to Dr Renzel regarding
a quick face lift.

-Go for it! Will stop the slobbering.

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