Sunday, July 09, 2017


Maryanne Performances

answered the door:
“I think I’m dying!”

I quick got Steady Hal
on my cell. Yelled he
on Speaker: “No you’re not!
Is this any way to greet
your date?”

Wandering Wanda and her
Fixed Cliff then made the scene.

When Hal and Lingering Loretta
showed, Maryanne was into
modeling dresses for the Dance.

We were unanimous on a Chartreuse one
and she mega-brightened. A real beauty!
Really! Palest Blonde imaginable.

The women helped tart her up. Almost late!

I handed her my yellow roses in the limo.
Is that a good one?

No matter since it was off to the First Annual
Bridesburg Association Ball and Bingo! (The latter for the terminal farts.)

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