Saturday, July 01, 2017



-Of all the men!--so called.
He sticks!

-Well...he was never inept
in the romance category.

-Just all others.

-He drives me to chemo.
And is moving in here,
no ifs ands or buts!

-A team?

-Yeah! Would you believe it?

-(sings) They keep their girlfriends 

warm at night.

-He does that. And right now the...

-The most important thing on
the face of the earth is staying

-It's...a mean face!

-But you still like hanging around it.

-Things I haven't done yet, and I
don't even know what they are.

-You will when you do 'em.

-By the way thanks to you too for...

-Sticking since the sixth grade.

-Mr Ferris!

-Just needed one little push to
a nervous breakdown, but we

-Saw him at Jiffy Lube before
Mr Big C smashed in on you here.

-Did you apologize?

-Sorta. But he said he loved every
moment of it.

-We did some good then! How come we
thought the opposite.

-Because we're assholes.

-Are we now?

-No time.

-That's the big word. How much left!

-Come to lunch Saturday. He's planning

-He cooks too?

-Didn't you know? Hotel Chef.

-Maybe you already died and went
to heaven.

-Let's avoid that luck.

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